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Product benefits

  • Great safety during therapy: the material ensures safe positioning of the bandage – stretching is impossible, so no tightening or adjusting is necessary

  • Easy opening and closing

  • Friendly to the skin: the air-permeable cotton cover is pleasant to wear on the skin especially in the sensitive armpit area

  • Flat fastener is almost not felt while lying on the back

How does it work?/Mode of action

Secure and stable fixation of the shoulder girdle
Encourages the correct alignment of the fractured bone by pulling the shoulders backwards


Donning/fitting instructions

The Clavicula support is ready tu use. No measuring, cutting, padding and tying as with the traditional tubular support.
Pull straps B and C under the arms and through the appropriate slots 1 and 2. Adjust the straps at the back and fix the underside in place by pressing with the wrist / while exerting pressure with the wrist.
Put part A of the device over the head and place parts B and C over the shoulders.

Medi protect.Clavicle support

  • Standard colours

    • Black

    Material components

    Polyester, Cotton, Polyamide


    Washing instructions

    Hand wash in cool, soapy water. Rinse thoroughly. Do not wring. Leave to dry naturally. Do not iron. Soap residues can cause skin irritation and material wear. The product can be worn in both fresh and salt water. After wearing in water, rinse the product thoroughly with clean fresh water. Leave to dry naturally. Do not remove stains using benzene or chemical detergents.

  • Indications

    • Dislocations of the clavicle
    • Sprains and fractures of the clavicle


    • Compression of the vascular nerve bundle
    • Constriction of the airways

    Absolute Contraindications

    • Constriction of the airways
    • Compression of the vascular nerve bundle
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