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Archies Arch Support Thongs are designed by a Physiotherapist from Melbourne, Australia, as an alternative to flat thongs.

Archies Thongs look just like ‘normal’ thongs, yet provide the same amount of support of a typical orthotic, providing comfort beyond what is thought possible in a regular thong.

Once you try Archies Arch Support Thongs you will never want to take them off your feet!

Simplicity Redesigned
✔ Arch support
✔ Physio Designed, Podiatrist Recommended
✔ No plugs = no blow-outs
✔ A tighter strap (no toe clawing)

Archies - White - Arch Support Thongs

AU$40.00 Regular Price
AU$35.00Sale Price
  • Arch Support

    Level of Arch Support

    It is impossible to adequately cater for all feet with one arch profile, as a result, Archies Thongs come in a Standard Arch support model and a High Arch Support model. Having the two arch profiles allows us better cater for you arch type and support needs.

    Which one is better, the High Arch or the Standard Arch?

    One arch profile is not necessarily better than the other. Both arch profiles have substantial orthotic / arch support and have a similar amount of support to that found in "off the shelf" orthotics. It’s just that the High Arch has increased support in comparison to the Standard Arch and one arch profile may be more suited to your foot type, personal preference and what you are used to. E.g - If you are used to wearing orthotics or other support footwear.

    So, how do I know which model is the right one for me?

    This is very easy and is not a big decision.



    High Arch


    - If you are used to wearing orthotics or other supportive shoes and sandals.

    - If you have high or normal type arches.





    - If you are not used to wearing orthotics or supportive footwear.

    - If you have low arches / flat feet as the High Arch will likely feel that it has too much support (unless of course you are used to wearing orthotics with a lot of support).

    - If unsure of which arch profile to go with, definitely go with the Standard Arch as it contains legitimate orthotic support, is super comfortable and almost every person absolutely loves and raves about this thong! You can consider going for the High Arch for your next pair, once your feet are used to having the support.

    Arch Type Guide:


    Getting used to the feel of Archies

    Most people put on Archies thongs and they find them to be instantly and unbelievably comfortable! However, for some people, getting used to the support can take some time and in some occasions you may even experience some soreness. In the unlikely event your thongs are not instantly comfortable, do not worry, after several days of wear, the thongs will gradually mould to the shape of your foot and will become much more comfortable!

    If you feel you have given the thongs a good try and they are not starting to get much more comfortable (they should be very comfortable!), then it is likely that the arch profile that you have chosen is not the right one for your foot. In this case, the best thing would be to try the other arch profile and in most cases the result is an immediate improvement in comfort level!


    It is important to note; a bit of soreness when wearing the thongs in can be the normal experience for some people, however, if you experience actual pain then you should not push through this. If soreness or pain persist, discontinue wearing the thongs and please contact your health care professional.

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